Global Content Operating Model: The Content Opportunity

We’ve all seen the digital world transform interaction with our customers and the right content drives the customer journey and connects each customer touchpoint with the next. But to manage this content on a global scale across channels in multiple languages requires a new approach that centralizes data, standardizes process, and integrates technology into a unified platform. That sounds great in theory, but what does it actually mean?

In this on-demand webinar we discuss how a Global Content Operating Model (GCOM) can define processes and technology frameworks that support your entire content supply chain. We’ll break down each step and look at business parameters that factor into how you deploy such a model, and take a peek at how this model evolves over time and even prepares companies to take advantage of emergent AI.

At the end, you will understand more about:

  • How to manage the content supply chain across departments and platforms.
  • How to apply processes that address each step from content creation and translation to delivery.
  • Criteria for selection of technology and services that lead to growth and sales.

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