SDL State of the Art Neural Machine Translation

Machine Translation (MT) is the translation of text by a computer with no human involvement. Utilizing neural network approaches to MT, Neural MT (NMT) offers significant translation quality improvement over Statistical MT (SMT). For example, with SDL Neural MT, we observe impressive improvements on English-German, a language pair that was historically challenging for the SMT technology.
Neural MT - DE>EN
Demystifying Artificial Intelligence and Neural Machine Translation – Hype or Reality?
NMT systems also utilize machine learning approaches, but these systems learn higher level concepts for producing translation. The system that is created is a multi-layered neural network that produces translation in a similar processing pathway that the brain would follow. Unlike previous SMT models which are mainly limited to surface text, SDL NMT uses a deep learning architecture capable of learning the meaning of the text which enable the machine to perform the translation task at a semantic level leading to fluent and naturally sounding translation output.