AdaptiveMT - taking interactive machine translation to the next level

Increase productivity and see a difference you can measure with MT that learns as you use it.

Individual machine translation that learns from you

Powered by SDL Language Cloud, AdaptiveMT is your own private interactive machine translation (MT) engine that adapts to suit your company's translation style. Each time a post-edit is made to MT content the engine learns in real time and applies the updated style to future MT suggestions.

  • Increase productivity with smarter MT suggestions
  • Improve consistency with all amends incorporated instantly
  • No engine set-up or training required before use
  • Completely secure, no data is shared with other users


Work smarter and faster

Time consuming post-editing is reduced as MT provides smarter, higher quality suggestions that are influenced by your previous translations. The engine adapts immediately, in real time, to help when similar content appears in your current job.

Measure impact and control costs

Analysis reports clearly show which segments and words are generated by the baseline MT and which are from the AdaptiveMT engine. Users have complete visibility of how MT is being leveraged which could help to control costs.

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