SDL Translation Management for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Translate your Salesforce Commerce Cloud assets with ease

Delivering a culturally relevant and personalized web experience to international customers depends on your ability to speak their language. Our integrated language platform provides the technology and functionalities you need to deliver content in the local language across every step of the customer journey. 

Make it easier to connect to your global audience by translating your Salesforce Commerce Cloud assets into your customer’s language. Available as a Business Manager Cartridge, the SDL Translation Management integration is installed into the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Merchant Tools. Once installed, you can summit or manage your translation projects all from within Commerce Cloud. Your Commerce Cloud assets from product, categories or content assets can all be selected for translation. The integration can be deployed rapidly with minimal IT support required, enabling you and your teams to get started within minutes.

Go to market sooner

Rather than wasting time identifying your assets and then sending them for translation outside of your cloud environment, this integration provides a seamless translation process, all from within Salesforce Commerce Cloud. You’ll simply create, manage, and approve your translation projects from within Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Understand your Commerce needs

Our integration understands your Commerce-specific items, such as different asset types from product, categories or content assets. It’s easy to view a list of available categories and associated products that need translation. We offer dynamic search to allow flexibility to create translation projects, which mirrors how someone in Commerce searches for their assets. For instance, a dynamic search can return results across product lines or consist of Product IDs.

Be on point with your brand

Our Translation Memory will learn about your brand over time. As you build your translation memory and control terminology use, you’ll see more accurate translations and will never have to translate the same phrase twice. SDL’s Language Technology drives efficiency, reduces time to market and empowers users by incorporating options for translation memory, terminology, human translation and machine translation.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Features

  • A Business Manager Cartridge using controllers and pipelines
  • Create projects from Products, Categories or Content Assets
  • View a list of available categories and associated products
  • Choose project options, multiple languages and custom attributes
  • Dynamic search and filtering
  • Embedded project scoping, cost information and project authorization
  • Embedded project status tracking

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