SDL Multilingual eDiscovery Solution

Power Up Your Multilingual eDiscovery

When diving into an eDiscovery process with multilingual assets, complexity becomes the norm. SDL’s Multilingual eDiscovery Solution connects the SDL MultiTrans® Translation Management System (TMS) to Relativity®, a popular eDiscovery cloud solution for case management. The connection between the two platforms helps legal professionals and internal investigators to quickly navigate and classify foreign language documents, and seamlessly request different language services when they deal with multilingual assets. 

SDL’s Multilingual eDiscovery Solution allows users to translate individual documents and files seamlessly from within Relativity®. Thanks to this automation, you can now gist, understand and tag foreign language assets as well as order SDL’s translation and foreign language services directly from within your Relativity® workspace.

How you benefit

Security & automation

Machine-to-machine connection that automates and secures asset transfer, helping to reduce human error. The user only needs to submit the documents that require translation from the Relativity® platform, and the completed files will be uploaded to the platform for the user’s analysis and review.

Relativity® workspace enhancement

Centralized content will empower productivity and research efficiency. All assets, in the source language and target language, can be found in the Relativity® platform.

Content discovery simplified

Technical know-how is not required: all your multilingual eDiscovery efforts are done in Relativity’s® user-friendly environment.

Efficiency and quality

The SDL eDiscovery Solution enables you to connect with expert translators, editors or the best MT engines for instant translation. In addition, translation project management and batch translations are only a few clicks away. Have total control of the process and be notified anywhere.

Cost saving

By connecting Relativity® to MultiTrans, SDL allows clients to save significant costs associated with linear reviews of litigation documentation. 

®"Relativity" is a registered trademark owned by Relativity

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