SDL Translation Management Extension for SAP Hybris Commerce

Translate your Hybris Commerce assets with ease

Delivering a culturally relevant and personalized web experience to international customers depends on your ability to speak their language. Our integrated language platform provides the technology and functionalities you need to deliver content in the local language across every step of the customer journey. The SDL integration for Hybris Commerce provides a seamless link between Hybris and SDL language technologies to enable you to quickly and easily manage multilingual web content, product content and translation projects from within Hybris itself. 

The integration can be deployed rapidly with minimal IT support required, enabling you and your teams to get started within minutes.

Go to market sooner

By integrating into the Hybris Product and WCMS Cockpit, you will achieve a seamless translation process by simply indicating what items need to be translated, not having to use any other system to get your translations back.

Enjoy simplicity in use

Create translation projects directly from your Hybris Commerce interface, even if you need to choose multiple languages for the same project. You can submit the specific pieces you want for translation, be it individual items, a selection from the product catalog or even the entire product catalog.

Leverage your existing workflow

Our extension understands your Commerce-specific needs within your Product and WCMS Cockpit, such as product variants and items within a catalog.

Be on point with your brand

Our smart Translation Memory will learn about your brand over time. As you build your translation memory and control terminology, you’ll see faster translations and will never have to translate the same phrase twice.

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