SDL globalReview

Ensure sustainable quality through the translation review process

Proactively manage your content quality. Combining quality assessment, strategic quality tracking and in-layout editing in one intuitive web interface, stakeholders can seamlessly work together to deliver objective, reliable and intelligent insights.

Work better together

Ensure an effective dialogue between the translator, reviewer, manager and client during review. With SDL globalReview all stakeholders can access one central location to provide and receive actionable feedback, improving collaboration and quality management.
Work better together - Global Review
Integrated user friendly platform - Global Review

Integrated, user-friendly platform

SDL globalReview is an intuitive web-based platform that does not require a specialist background or software knowledge. The free SDL Trados Studio plugin implements changes into the translation project, reducing manual work. InDesign files can be reviewed in the final layout online, without the need for a local InDesign installation.

Improve efficiency

Content profiling allows you to define the scope of review and quality requirements for different types of translation. SDL globalReview automatically generates a sample of the job based on pre-defined parameters - reducing review workload while evaluating overall translation quality.
Improve efficiency - Global Review
Quantify quality assessment

Quantify quality assessment

Calibrate the review process by configuring client-specific quality criteria, like mistranslations, terminology errors or stylistic errors. Calculate error scores to provide business intelligence data and offer a reliable quality perspective, while clarifying what aspects of translation quality have room for improvement.