SKF Presents One Face to the Customer with Digital Ecosystem Powered by SDL

Using SDL language and web solutions as the lynchpin in its digital ecosystem, SKF engineered a better online experience that translated into 15% more site visits and customer inquiries every year.

Multiple websites: a disjointed online experience

"Ultimately, a poor customer experience leads to frustration and impacts loyalty – that’s what we were facing. We wanted to present one face to the customer and make it easy
for them to find everything they need about SKF on a single, consistently branded site while enjoying a local experience.”
Gerard Schram, Web Strategy and Operations Manager for SKF

The company uses its website as a core channel to equip the world with SKF technology knowledge. To support customers on their journey with the brand, SKF needs to help visitors get to the right content as quickly as possible. But owing to a recent number of acquisitions and organic global growth, SKF was running 10 company websites and content management systems representing different business divisions and product lines, as well as many disjointed country sites around the world.

For the customer, this meant a disjointed online experience. Engineers, customers and prospects struggled to find the product and contact information they needed in their own language across the 300,000+ product range.

The backbone of a robust digital ecosystem

SDL technology forms the all-important backbone of the online presence, using SDL Tridion Sites for centralized web content management and SDL’s translation management solution to streamline localization processes.

According to Schram, “The SDL solutions make it inherently easy to manage the complexity of a consistent web presence in different languages, straight out of the box. They also integrate well with all our other solutions, a crucial requirement for building the comprehensive digital ecosystem we were looking for.”

Tangible business results

Perhaps most tellingly, SKF is generating 15% more customer inquiries. “Presenting one face to our customers within a solid digital ecosystem has made a big impact. All site visits and customer inquiries are now automatically routed into our CRM system via SDL Tridion Sites so they’re easily followed up,” concludes Schram.


  • Successfully achieved goal to present one face to the customer through an integrated digital marketing ecosystem 
  • Rolled out 60 localized sites in 37 languages in 12 months 
  • Gained control of localization and now reuses 50% of translated content, representing significant cost savings 
  • Driving 15% more customer inquiries per year 
  • Local site traffic increased from 20% to 70%
  • Delivering a better customer experience that yields more business 
  • Established a future proof platform to further build upon