Comprehensive Content and Translation Solutions for the
Life Sciences Industry

SDL Solutions for Life Sciences

Life Sciences Solutions

  • Multilingual Labeling Management – SDL’s multilingual submission management solution, SDL MSM, streamlines multilingual labeling processes and improves staff productivity, along with lowering the cost of translation workload.

  • Web Content Management – SDL’s web content management solution, SDL Tridion Sites, enables you to model your content, translations, brand elements and functionality to match your business objectives. It’s imperative that global medical device and biopharma organizations are able to disseminate content in multiple languages quickly and easily leveraging industry specific terminology. SDL provides the tool to do this with SDL Tridion Sites.

  • Structured Content Management - SDL’s structured content foundation, SDL Tridion Docs, allows you to easily reuse, share, filter and deliver multilingual content to any channel. It also provides DITA support out of the box, so you can avoid inconsistencies that would otherwise impact your brand and reduce content development costs by up to 50%.
    • Medical Device Industry - Structured content can be leveraged relative to instruction for use or Device Master Records (DMR) to optimize reuse and translation.
    • Biopharma Industry – Structured content can be used to facilitate the leveraging of content from the clinical protocol document in the clinical study report.
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  • Training & e-learning – SDL's internal creative experts provide and support for e-learning so you can deliver timely multilingual training to medical representatives and professionals. Life Sciences organizations who have multinational operations, require materials to be in the trainee’s native language. This ensures the greatest retention of the information. SDL provides training and e-learning professionals that work closely with your organization to ensure that the material meets your standards. Our services cover all aspects of your training and e-learning needs including translation and localization, voiceover and subtitling, training course authoring, and delivery and compliance.

  • Marketing Solutions – Services to enable life sciences brands to adapt, implement and deliver global integrated brand content across transcreation, content creation & production services, and web content managed services. While your specialized agencies focus on the ‘what’ of your strategy and creative direction, SDL specializes in the ‘how’ to get it executed. Our team of professionals who understand the life sciences industry engage with your creative or strategic agency, and our Marketing Solutions team delivers all your branded content into any channel, across all media, in any language, anywhere in the world.

  • Language Services – SDL provides Translation Services for our life sciences customers and they also benefit from our Document and Website Localization expertise along with our other language services offerings. SDL has over 200+ linguists with life sciences expertise. We also can facilitate a robust production process covering file preparation, translation and review, desktop publishing and quality assurance. Our model incorporates a follow-the-sun methodology and leverages resources in multiple regions around the world.
  • Language Technology - These are the core enterprise grade SDL technologies to assist life sciences organizations with their translation processes. SDL provides both translation management systems as well as machine translation (MT) technology that leverages the most sophisticated and leading algorithms to optimize the translations.

  • SDL’s Translation Management Systems (TMS) – SDL streamlines your translation processes, saving you time and money by eliminating manual, ad hoc approaches. Powerful language processing, automation and collaboration tools integrated within our TMS solutions and other tools in our translation software portfolio help you optimize translation reuse, leverage automatic machine translation for internal purposes and above all, achieve consistent high quality across all of your global content.

  • SDL’s Machine Translation (MT) – SDL’s secure, on-premises or private-cloud machine translation solution ensures secure internal translations. This could be used in conjunction with post editing by subject matter expert linguist. SDL MT now includes state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT), offering revolutionary technology for high quality machine translation. SDL ETS offers a large selection of generic language pairs that can be easily customized for specific medical device and pharma/biogtech terminology and styles.
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SDL Clinical Labeling Solution

Provides a unique combination of technology and dedicated services. It addresses errors, inconsistencies and timeline pressures through a structured content approach.

SDL Regulatory Labeling Solution

Efficiently supports the translation, review and management of multilingual submission content, combining the SDL Multilingual Submission Management (MSM) platform with our network of highly-qualified medical linguistic resources.

Medical Device Software & UI Testing

Our extensive testing services comprise specialized localization testing services including functional, linguistic and international testing. SDL Testing Services provide critical benefits to your organization and deliver an important last line of defense before you release your medical products to the global marketplace.

Failing to test your global software products before you launch them can have painful consequences for your organization.

Medical Device Product Content

SDL’s structured content solution, Tridion Docs, gives you complete control over product content. It supports the DITA standard and structured content out of the box. Additionally, medical device companies can leverage this technology to optimize reuse of instructions for use as well as Device Master Records (DMR) across multiple languages.

Its embedded component content management system (CCMS) allows you to create standalone, reusable content and share this content across publications in your medical device organization.

The benefits in leveraging this technology are:

  • Improve productivity
  • Promotes reuse and thereby lowers translation costs
  • Synchronize updates
  • Reduce translation costs
  • Ensure compliance

Medical Device Field Service Reporting & Machine Translation

Global medical device companies face significant challenges when managing multilingual field service reporting. These documents, which reflect minor, and in some cases, major issues with equipment need to be both timely and accurate. It is critical to get real-time information to determine the best course of action based on the report. Currently many organizations send these reports out to be translated by a third party organization, which is time consuming and costly.

SDL’s provides a simple, fast and secure method of translation leveraging machine translation (MT) technology, a form of Artificial Intelligence, that can provide the appropriate quality, immediacy and security needed.

Why SDL for Life Sciences

SDL life sciences solutions optimize and streamline business processes, reduce compliance costs, and provide a comprehensive approach to global regulated document management: 

  • 200+ internal, full-time linguistics with life sciences expertise 
  • More than 1,100 in-house linguists 
  • Supporting the life sciences community for more than 15 years