When Constant Software Publishing is the Norm

SDL Solutions for Software Publishers in High Tech

Software Is Everywhere

Software is at the heart of modern life.

From where we expect it to where it's less obvious: machinery, homes, mobile devices, wearables, automobiles... The list goes on, touching every moment of everyone's lives. 

As a driver of innovation, software now constantly advances through discrete updates and drives change in how we all interact with the physical world.

SDL solutions ensure sim ship of global content, supporting agile development processes, improving time to market, and increasing competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

The Software Publishers Challenge

Whether delivering enterprise or consumer software, changing industry trends and consumer expectations continually challenge traditional software development and publishing practices. 

Ever-more connected software needs to be responsive to customer requirements. Software velocity is the battleground and represents a competitive advantage for companies who know how to harness it. 

Rather than broad projects, today's content is 'atomized' into a myriad of projects on a micro-scale. Today's software publisher needs to keep pace, tracking and managing content across multiple small releases.

The demands on digital content continues to expand. Today's software publisher needs to create, publish, maintain, synchronize and deliver personalized, multi-platform, multi-market and multilingual content.

Capture the Opportunity with SDL

SDL provides the technologies and services software publishers need to deliver their content: 

  • Internationalization-ready software development.
  • Operational excellence in international content deployment.
  • Unified multi-site, multi-channel content management across brands.

Specialized Solutions

Content Deployment
Content Management

Software needs to meet the diversity of languages, cultures and preferences of today's global customers.

SDL internationalization and localization experts provide the specialised knowledge and best practices required to ship international software right first time.

SDL provides the deep software localization experience software publishers need to deliver fully tested UIs & documentation across languages and cultures. 

Our services include:

  • Code analysis or international market readiness.
  • Localization consulting.
  • Internationalization software testing.
  • International usability testing.
Find out more about our Software Localization and Testing services. 

Launching software products to multiple markets often requires 'simultaneous shipping' to meet customer demand, and maximize market potential. Today's software publisher faces:

  • Short product lifecycles.
  • Short development cycles.
  • Rapid code releases.
  • Frequent content updates.
  • Multilingual product content.

Today's consumer expects a unified customer journey: from research to selection, and from purchase to support.

Software publishers need to coordinate the many moving parts between touchpoints:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Product Documentation
  • Product Support

SDL Tridion DX combines the best of web content management (Tridion Sites) and structured content management (Tridion Docs) to define digital experiences across markets, languages and touchpoints.

  • SDL Tridion Sites ensures contextual local content and digital experiences across channels and touchpoints on a global scale. 
  • SDL Tridion Docs enables product teams to create, manage and delivery in-depth high-quality product documentation at scale. 
As part of Tridion DX, this combination of Tridion Sites and Tridion Docs enables you to deliver consistent brand experiences across channels that ultimately forge customer connection. 


  • SDL works with the world’s top enterprise and consumer software companies. 
  • Broad expertise of the entire content value chain across content creation, localization and distribution through its technologies and services. 
  • Dedicated, in-house translators with software publishing expertise. 
  • Software localization technology for faster time-to-market.