508 & 504 Compliance for Healthcare

Accessibility for all

Close to 15 per cent of the world’s population has an impairment affecting visual, hearing, motor and/or cognitive abilities. It is for this reason that governments have been issuing compliance guidelines to ensure all content—both digital and print—is easy to use and navigate. 

For many it is a growing liability risk, due to the rising number of law suits. But the real idea of "accessibility" is that everyone, regardless of ability, should be able to access your content. 

At SDL we offer strategy, remediation and technology so that you can confidently communicate across both language and ability barriers, all while complying with Section 508 and 504 of the US Rehabilitation Act.

Artificial Intelligence-enhanced Technology

Meeting Regulatory Standards

Section 508

The US Access Board established the Section 508 standards to ensure all Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) including software, websites, web-capable devices, web applications, electronic communications, e-content, online forms, videos, as well as hardware applications, meet the requirements for accessibility—meaning equal access for all. 

508(c) remediation encompasses government agencies, managed healthcare, financial institutions, educational organizations, and relevant private sector website accessibility.

Section 504

As we move towards a digital-first world, it’s easy to forget about traditional media, but print is in no way dead, and accessibility is not limited to electronic files. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act makes sure organizations are providing appropriate auxiliary aids, where necessary, such as braille, large print and Text-to-speech (TTS) or Live Reader to ensure equal opportunity.
Support Compliancy

There are numerous ways you can support compliancy, but some examples include: 

  • Give members multiple ways to access and navigate content—including audio and visual formats 
  • Make content easy to read—including options for larger fonts, braille and contrasting colors 
  • Ensure web pages appear and operate in easy-to-predict ways 
  • Maximize compatibility with assistive technologies

How We Achieve Accessible Compliance in Multiple Languages

To be compliant, you need to make sure content is accessible to everyone. At SDL, our remediation experts, accessibility services and enabling technologies promise an accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective route to compliance across all content types and languages. Let our accessibility experts deliver the assurance you need to achieve and maintain your compliance and efficiency in accessibility. Key facts: 

  • 25+ years of experience 
  • 59 offices in 39 countries 
  • 16,000+ specialized linguists 
  • 180+ languages covered 
  • Sector-specific expertise 

If you’re not sure if you need to be 508 and 504 compliant, it’s best to ask an expert.

Achieve Accessible Compliance