Language and Content Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Building a Customer-Centric Healthcare Model

Digital transformation is changing patient demands and expectations. For this reason, healthcare providers are moving to a value of care model to deliver better tools and experiences, that are universally accessible, and ultimately, put customers at the center of the ecosystem. 

However, success in the digital age is based on a highly-nuanced and consistent customer journey across all customer touchpoints—from web content, patient-facing materials, technical documentation, prescription information and support.  

As a leading translation and content management provider to the healthcare sector, we understand your need to connect with more audiences and support service expansion. We can help you to securely transform your content into multilingual, multi-accessible material to drive more patient value and build relationships, all while meeting the highest industry standards to meet regulatory compliance.

Language and Technology Solutions for the Healthcare

Specialized Solutions

Combining the industry’s leading language services and content delivery technology, SDL provides specialized artificial-intelligence driven healthcare solutions to enable you to stay secure and compliant while improving overall efficiency, speed and delivery of content to patients.
Content Management
Connected Health

From specialist linguists to translation management software and AI-driven machine translation, SDL can securely translate and manage your content at scale, across projects, with faster time-to-market, ensuring a consistent and understandable experience for everyone that generates revenue opportunities globally.  

At SDL we can provide a number of services to support your translation needs:

LocalizationBraille Transcription
Translation MemoryLive Interpretation
Terminology ManagementMultilingual TeleHealth
Typesetting ProofreadingAudio and Video
508(c) remediation
Content Management

With content management systems that can centralize the creation, translation, management and delivery of all content—from product information, self-service data and after-sales support—you can transform and deliver your content to provide continuous digital experiences that unites you and your patients. 

At SDL we can provide a number of solutions to support your content needs: 

Scalable enterprise-wide web content management Content and translation reuse
Unparalleled multilingual, omni-channel and multi-brand capabilities Automatic web content synchronization
DITA-based structured content management Security by design
Multilingual content management 

SDL Patient Connected Health Solution allows patients to connect with their medical providers more quickly and conveniently than ever before. Connected health brings together health technology, digital media and mobile devices.

Key Benefits:

Improve patient self-management through educationTransform the patient/caregiver relationship
Provide a personalized patient-centric approachEnhance post-surgery recovery time
Increase complianceEnsure therapeutic area specificity
Language and Content Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Benefits of working with SDL

9 out of the top 10 US healthcare organizations use our solutions to:  

  • Multilingual/Multi-Accessibility including 508 and all alternative formats for ADA compliance 
  • Specialized healthcare localization experts for Healthcare semantics 
  • Interpreting (over-the-phone, video-on-demand for Telehealth, or onsite)  
  • Meet deadlines and requirements while staying on top of budget  
  • Ensure governance and member satisfaction

Deliver Content to Everyone

Much like a physical hospital or clinic, healthcare providers need to ensure that their online products, services and digital experiences are available to everyone. The reality is that companies, who are already overwhelmed with content, still lack a strategic approach to universal accessibility—and leaving barriers in place can mean losing patients. 

SDL Accessibility Solution solves these problems by combining consulting, implementation and technology to help evaluate, remediate and deliver accessible content such as braille, large print and Text-to-speech (TTS) or Live Reader, to improve customer experiences, while reducing corporate compliance risk.   

The solution enables an organization’s content to comply with international accessibility guidelines, including, the British Standard 8878, the European Accessibility Act, Section 508 and 504 of the US Rehabilitation Act, AODA, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and PDF UA. 

Why SDL?

Whether you’re running a multi-state plan, dealing with ever-tightening regulatory requirements, or rolling out new products and brands across diverse markets, you can rely on SDL’s intelligent linguistic services, content technology and comprehensive support to meet your needs. 

With a full spectrum of healthcare content supply chain offerings, your content can be customer-centric and consistent across your plans, regions, languages, and member experience. A few of SDL’s specialties for Healthcare include:  

  • Meeting translation and compliance needs for more than 25 years   
  • Well versed on Annual Election Period (AEP)  
  • Support 24/7/365, anytime and anywhere