SDL Government Language Platform


Data intelligence

The explosion of content is requiring government agencies to set up large-scale infrastructures to intercept, analyze and understand unstructured data. Applications such as text analytics, broadcast and open-source monitoring, intelligence, digital forensics and predictive analytics turn data into knowledge and information. However none of this is possible until multilingual content is translated into the language of the analysts. 

The SDL GLP solution holistically deals with the entire data environment, managing the collection and structuring of social media data, machine or human translation into a single language and structuring the output to specifications defined by project requirements. The SDL GLP solution includes partner extensions to allow for media and broadcast monitoring, OCR, voice-to-text, signal processing, deep internet scanning, lawful mobile interception and digital forensics.

Real-time multilingual communications

Multilingual real-time voice-to-voice communication is now possible with SDL’s powerful machine translation technology. Speech and machine translation technology can be combined and are reliable enough to support real battle scenarios. 

SDL’s Enterprise Translation Server enables translation speeds in the range of thousands of words per minute of intercepted data, with output capable of being displayed on portable devices such as laptops or forensic devices.

Collaborative intelligence work

Data of interest or certain data types such as legal documents require the intelligence of human reviewed translation. Leveraging a translation management system, such as SDL WorldServer, ensures that content requiring high quality translation can be accomplished in a timely manner, while reusing previous translations stored in translation memory and terminology managers.