Head, Heart and Hands: A Framework for Transforming Global Content Models

Global content models sits at the crossroads between Localization and Content Management, and now is a crucial time for engaging industry leaders to re-imagine what the future of localization could be. Inspired by the members and founders of Women in Localization, and their holistic approaches for managing some of the largest localization programs in the world, this panel discussion will leverage a head, heart and hands approach that can lead to real transformations in organizations asking: how do we transform ourselves, our science of measuring our success, our organization’s assumptions of global content, and our industry for a better future?

This panel discussion is premised on 3 principals:

  1. The "head" or how we think about the problems facing our organizations.
  2. The "heart" or how well we empathize with our stakeholders who can deliver change.
  3. The "hands" or what behaviors we need to inspire for transformation.

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