Averting the Crisis of Creating Compelling Content at Scale

The current crisis facing marketers today is that there simply is not enough content to drive the content supply chain. Marketers need to create content at scale while still preserving its ability to impact an audience or risk falling behind. While traditionally, creative agencies created content for brands, constrained budgets require new thinking for how to accomplish more content with the same budget. SDL’s Head of Content Marketing will introduce the audience to the creative process and share how she leverages Marketing Solutions to create content at scale, address the nuances between the different channels, media, markets and languages that need to be addressed and cultivate a digital culture. Learn how a marketer responsible for everything from the Five Future States of Content to SDL’s annual report:

  • Cultivates a culture of creativity and digital adoption within marketing and localization
  • Extends marketing’s global reach effectively
  • Maximizes content reuse
  • Optimizes the marketing content supply chain

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