SDL Government Language Platform

Secure automated translation

Secure automated translation

The industry’s first statistical machine translation server for secure government applications. 

SDL’s Language Weaver ETS (Enterprise Translation Server) is a statistical approach to machine translation (MT) that improves the quality and applicability of MT as it is used. Deployed in more than 500 government installations around the world, LW ETS is the multilingual backbone for most BigData solutions with a wide range of use cases including text analytics, multilingual real-time communications, eDiscovery, digital forensics and day-to-day governmental business transactions. 


  • Highly scalable architecture with translation speeds starting at 4000 words per minute 
  • Intuitive web user interface with Translation Management, Queue and Dictionary Editor 
  • Available on both Windows and Linux, 32 or 64 bit systems 
  • Client-Server architecture for on premise, large-scale and distributed deployment 
  • Powerful SOAP or REST API 
  • Language features such as Transliteration, multiple quality level output and custom filter creation