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SDL Knowledge Center brings together structured content management, collaborative review and dynamic delivery to enable companies to easily create compelling and useful content, and manage that content through all the relevant touchpoints in the customer journey. 

Whether you are just getting started using DITA or you are a beginning or advanced Knowledge Center user, SDL offers a course to meet your needs. 

SDL Tridion Docs Fundamentals

This course is designed for a new site implementation team to become familiar with a range of Content Manager concepts and functions in preparation for designing a site configuration. At the end of this course attendees will have covered all of the topics necessary to work with Content Manager user interfaces for managing a publication and editing topics using the Tridion Docs plug-in to an XML editor.

SDL Tridion Docs Content Manager Developer

This course is for developers interested in custom tools and integration. Covering SOAP and Tridion Docs and commonly used Web Services classes and structures.

SDL Tridion Docs Content Manager System Administration

This course covers administrative tasks related to managing the Content Manager software. Access to the IT infrastructure, such as the application server, is required. The course covers the following topics: Client tools and authentication; Editor templates; security, users, user groups and roles; images and resolutions; importing content; content migration; installation process; full text search; batch servers; administration of users, workflow, metadata and backups; troubleshooting.

SDL Tridion Docs Content Editor User

This course will prepare participants to use Content Editor for modifying DITA data. The course will cover the following topics: Content Editor interface; editing basic content, working with tables, working with images and links.
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