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SDL Proxy DX for Friction-Free Website Translation

SDL Proxy DX enables organizations to globalize their websites quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. All you need is the URL for your website, in your base language, and SDL technology and expert resources do the rest. SDL provides customers the visibility and control over the global customer journey without the business and IT overhead of manually translating content into the growing set of languages your global customer base demands.

SDL Proxy DX delivers:

SDL Proxy DX - Minimize IT Investment

Minimize IT Investment and Involvement

Cloud-based platform that automates the process of managing, hosting & synchronizing website localization into multiple languages.
SDL Proxy DX -Automatic Web Content Synchronization

Automatic Web Content Synchronization

Ensure your global customer base always has the most recent web content in their language with an automated, transparent change-management process.
SDL Proxy DX - Consolidated Workflow

Consolidated Workflow

Minimize manual hand-offs and bottlenecks that slow down website localization with a friction-free, consolidated, software-driven workflow.
SDL Proxy DX - Security by Design

Security by Design

Adheres to privacy and security regulations such as PCI (Payment Card Industry security standards) with the highest level of security protocols for data storage, transmission and access.
SDL Proxy DX - Integrates with Existing Systems

Integrates with Existing Systems

SDL Proxy DX integrates with translation databases, works with various Translation Management systems, and can support virtually any CMS (Content Management System).
SDL Proxy DX - Future Ready


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