SDL Annual Report 2017

For more than 25 years, SDL has successfully achieved growth by delivering service excellence with technology innovation and human understanding. Looking forward to the next 25 years, we will continue to build on our foundation of content creation, translation and delivery to expand market share in our key verticals by offering premium solutions that deliver more value to our customers and investors, and by decreasing costs through operational efficiencies. 

SDL’s 2017 Annual Report, not only presents the audited accounts and financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2017, but also provides the Strategic Report, Directors Report and Corporate Governance.

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成功在超过 36 个本地市场中重新推出 18 种语言的网站
通过具有成本效益的翻译流程,在 46 个国家/地区成功推出 25 个网站,包含 12 种语言
将 50 个网站迁移至 SDL 的平台上,并使在线转换率提高 20%
通过与 SDL 合作,每年翻译 3100 万字,五年节省 200 多万美元
借助由 SDL 提供技术支持的数字生态系统,在短短 12 个月内推出 37 种语言的 60 个本地化网站,对客户展现一个面貌