Betsy Fallon

Betsy Fallon

EVP Global Client Services and Professional Services

Betsy Fallon likes teaching ‘catch, not Ping-Pong’. In her role overseeing global client services at SDL, she ensures her colleagues are committed to doing their best to answer or solve client queries rather than just handing them off to someone else. 

“We want every single colleague at SDL to be accountable when an issue or an opportunity comes in, she says.” We don’t want to be in a position where a colleague receives a customer query and then just hands it off without being committed to doing their best to answer or solve that query.” 

In her personal time, Betsy likes to play strategy games like Bridge. “There’s a Bridge adage that applies to work,” she says. “If you are the declarer—meaning that you’ll be playing the hand—you need to make a PLAN: Pause to consider your objectives and take time to think and strategize about where you want to be and how you’ll get there; Look at your winners and losers—who/what can you rely on to get there and who/what are obstacles or risks that might get in the way; Analyze your alternatives—validate and think outside the box—and always make sure you’re willing to course-correct to a new way of doing things; Now put it all together and execute.” 

She says it’s a useful strategy, which when combined with effective teamwork and collaboration can address any business decision or problem. 

“For me, it’s about being pragmatic, not being afraid to make a decision, but equally not shooting from the hip,” she says. “It’s about relying on logic, skill, and partnerships. You can’t succeed in Bridge without your partner. My leadership style is about partnership and collaboration.” 

After acquiring an MS in Organizational Development from University of Miami, Fallon spent three years as VP of Marketing at Context Media and three years as Director of Customer Development at Idiom Technologies before joining SDL in 2008.